Beetlejuice 2023

It's Showtime!

Adult skaters aren't zombies....OR ARE THEY?

For 2022-2023 Skating Season, the Misfits took on the classic 1980s cult classic (and 2018 Broadway hit) Beetlejuice.

This program challenged the team on many fronts, both in the acting required and the extensive sets and props. This program featured a three panel backdrop complete with a mechanical coffin door, as well as the giant Sand Worm!

For the Sand Worm, the goal was to have a Chinese Dragon-style prop that could chase the actors, ultimately turning on Beetlejuice in the end. It was a fitting demise to wrap the program!

We performed a shortended version (minus the backdrop) during intermission at a Saginaw Spirit game in March 2023, as well as at Michigan Showcase, taking 3rd place in the Production Ensemble category. We are also scheduled to perform at the Mt Pleasant and Sk8Bay Spring Shows.