Jingle Bells & Santa's Elves

Ho Ho Ho! We are Santa's Elves!

Our first foray into adult ice theater was our program for the 2018 MFSC Holiday Spectacular.

A Novel Concept

One of the founding principal concepts of our group is the notion that we are open to those of all skating levels and experience. For this first outing, given the Christmas theme, we extended that approach and welcomed kids of team members to join us.

In a way, this was a Proof of Concept for our team -- a way to see if we could come up with a program that would be sufficiently engaging and rewarding for people of various levels and entertaining at the same time. What we found is that not only is it possible, it fills a gap within the skating world. We could create a welcome environment for people who like to be creative and be silly and have fun, but who otherwise might not feel brave enough to put themselves out there. We can be that safe and supportive space.

We received a lot of positive feedback after the show. Mostly, people expressed delight.....and some mild surprise, even. We figured, "Why not? We had fun!"