Empower Yourself 2022

Rise Up, Believe, and Be Confident!

We are often told who to be, or what to do. If we Rise Up, Believe, and be Confident, we can let our true selves shine!

For the 2021-2022 Skating Season, the Misfits tackled a serious question fundamental to our purpose as a group: what does it take to rise above the naysayers and achieve your full potential?

This program explored the power we cede to those who would tear us down instead of building us up, and what it takes to dig deep within ourselves to find belief and confidence in our abilities to push through and exceed everyone's expectations...including our own!

We performed this program at Michigan Showcase in March 2022, taking 4th place in the Production Ensemble category. We also performed at the Midland FSC Spring Exhibition and the Sk8Bay Spring Show.