Hamildolph - An American Christmas Parody

And His Lead Reindeer!

Deep in preparation for our 2021-2022 season program, the team took a break to adapt our Hamilton - An American Musical program for a holiday audience. Based on a Youtube parody, Hamildolph casts St. Nick in the role of Washington, and tells the story of how a young buck reindeer manages to not throw away his shot!

A Mix of Old and New

This performance was an opportunity for some of our new members to get a taste of our Hamilton performance, and the use of extensive prop work, as we brought back our barn wood chairs.

The choreography was a mix of old and new, making sure that we could adapt things appropriately to match each skater's level and experience.

Our Hamildolph routine was probably a bit of a shock for the audience (who weren't expecting the story of Rudolph told via rap!) but we had a great time performing this at holiday exhibitions in Midland and Bay City!