Hamilton - An American Musical

A Global Phenomenon Brought to Ice!

Developed for the 2020-2021 Skating Season, our medley of tunes from Hamilton - An American Musical was our most ambitious project to date. From period costumes, to the Schuyler Sister, to KG3, TO THE REVOLUTION! We wanted it all there...just distilled to 4:54. The end result was an extremely high energy performance that tested how well we could work together as a team while simultaneously not knocking our teammates off a chair as we spun them around.

About Those Chairs...

Our primary props for Hamilton are barn wood chairs, which were homemade by our team. The chairs were the brainchild of Coach Melanie:

Chairs feature prominently in the stage musical, with Hamilton's friends famously standing on their chairs at the end of My Shot. I wanted to capture that same sense of defiance and strength with our team, and also to take advantage of the chairs to help the team deliver a sense of movement.

The presence of the chairs invited us to be a little daring. Our King George, in particular, had the honor of standing on a chair and singing his "Da da da da-dat dah" lyric, while the team spun him around! Unfazed (and in classic Misfit style), he even adds in a little Macarena dance move just to spice things up.

Our Hamilton routine was our first attempt at competitive theater. We performed it at Michigan Showcase 2021 (click the picture above to see the video), and took home 3rd place in the Ensemble event!