Sweatin' Off the Calories

Better Stay Away from that Candy!

Our 2019-2020 program really made us sweat! Sweatin' Off the Calories, our tribute to the 80s Fitness Craze, was an opportunity to really explore our creative side, and even get a little silly.

A Story within a Story

Once we decided to do 80s and 90s music, the idea of a dysfunctional workout studio came together. Our set was the open doors of the famous Slimmons studio.

"Our storyline was a way to give everyone something fun to do, regardless of what level they do. Our jumpers played the role of the die-hard devotees, doing the hard work the instructor (we'll call him "Richard") asked for, while the non-jumpers played the non-believers, always looking to sneak a snack and make fun of the instructor, at least until all the calories catch up with us! We got to have a lot of fun creating some back and forth that way."

This was intended to be our first forray into competition, and prepared by performing in several exhibitions. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the balance of the season, and we never did end up competing with it. We still had a lot of fun!